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To me, reading is my passion.

I travel through words and stories, live in the past of great centuries, get disturbed by characters who need my attention and fall in love adventures I wish I had.


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Ich liebe das Lesen. Ich finde es immer so toll, in Welten einzutauchen, die man nicht kennt, die man entdecken möchte. Dieses Gefühl in etwas vertieft zu sein oder das Gefühl nicht mehr aus dieser Welt hinauszugehen. 

Mit einem guten Buch ist man nie allein *.*

Should You Write a Book?

Reblogged from Kate says:


Guy Kawasaki, acclaimed author and mentor, introduces four good reasons why your should write a book and two wrong ones. 


Good ones: Enrich lives, Intellectual Challenge, Further a Cause, Catharsis.

Bad ones: Popular Demand, Money. 


I can only assume that during writing time all those goals can appear and disappear and you need a lot of maturity to focus only on good ones. I can only assume that writing process is long lasting, demanding and can be quite lonely. I can only assume that I would be very afraid of not meeting my own expectations, and others of course. I can only assume that I would be pissed off that others perceive my 'beautiful baby' as something ugly. I would simply die!


The fifth reason why it's worth writing a book was hidden in the summary: We still encourage you to do it because it is one of the most rewarding experiences in life...

Sounds promising, motivating and encouraging. Sounds like a good plan and life fulfillment.

And then he finishes the sentence: ...but few things worth doing are easy.


You need to have quite a courage to write, publish a book and then embrace all what's going on around the topic. And not to doubt. To push forward. Not to give up.


That's why I would like to say "Chapeau bas!" to all authors who believe in themselves and in their works. You have bravery that maybe some day I will find in myself. Thank you.

Quelle: http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130702163717-2484700-should-you-write-a-book

Ich lese gerade

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Die Zarin der Nacht (insel taschenbuch)
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