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Ich liebe das Lesen. Ich finde es immer so toll, in Welten einzutauchen, die man nicht kennt, die man entdecken möchte. Dieses Gefühl in etwas vertieft zu sein oder das Gefühl nicht mehr aus dieser Welt hinauszugehen. 

Mit einem guten Buch ist man nie allein *.*

Exciting and romantic!

Im Schatten des Teebaums - Elizabeth Haran

The story:


When the “Tiger” is seen again in the Tantanoola area, young reporter, Eliza Dickens begs her boss for a chance to cover the story. Against his best judgment, he agrees, but Eliza’s mother is set against the idea. Eliza’s aunt has been a virtual recluse in the town of Tantanoola since a terrible accident twenty years earlier and Henrietta does not want Eliza to meet up with her aunt and find out the terrible family secret. With her father’s backing, Eliza sets off. Unable to find anywhere to stay, she ends up at the Hanging Rocks Inn, where Matilda lives. The two women form a bond, but when a man hired to hunt the tiger comes to stay, he and Eliza clash over the tiger’s future. A rival reporter makes life very hard for Eliza and an aboriginal artist she befriends. In the end, Eliza must not only save the ‘tiger’ from the hunter, a man she falls in love with, but also save Noah from the town’s prejudice.



Elizabeth Haran


My opinion:


I've read this book for the third time and I have to say, that I was thrilled over again. I liked the characters very much and the story was so well written and exciting. Sometimes it was too romantic for me, but that depends on the person you are - if you like really romantic stories or not.

I've never heard of the small town Tantanoola and the tiger - so I was even more surprised, when I found out, that the actual point of the story with the Tantanoola Tiger really existed.

I also like this book very much, because there's a big part of a dark family secret in it. It's just great how it all turns out! (I love family secrets)


So I give 4 of 5 stars!


Ich lese gerade

Emily Brontë
Die Zarin der Nacht (insel taschenbuch)
Eva Stachniak