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Reading is something you can learn, love or just enjoy.

To me, reading is my passion.

I travel through words and stories, live in the past of great centuries, get disturbed by characters who need my attention and fall in love adventures I wish I had.


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Ich liebe das Lesen. Ich finde es immer so toll, in Welten einzutauchen, die man nicht kennt, die man entdecken möchte. Dieses Gefühl in etwas vertieft zu sein oder das Gefühl nicht mehr aus dieser Welt hinauszugehen. 

Mit einem guten Buch ist man nie allein *.*

Talk About Books - New Comment Feature in Your Settings

Reblogged from BookLikes:

Commenting on BookLikes is getting easier and faster now. You can find new feature in your Blog Settings - Facebook comments. From now on you can choose between Disqus and Facebook comment box (or both) which will appear under your posts in public view of your blog. 


To use Facebook comment box add your Facebook account in your General Settings and tick Facebook Comments in your Blog Settings. If you already added your Facebook account, go directly to your Blog Settings and decide which comment box should be active on your blog. 

Previously you had possibility of adding a comment box to your posts via Disqus. We described three steps of Disqus Know-How in our past post: Share Your Writing and Let Others Comment on Yours (just click on the link or image below to know more).

So now the only thing left is to read, write, discuss and comment. Encourage others to book talk and open your comment box :-) Which one will appear on your Blog?

Ich lese gerade

Emily Brontë
Die Zarin der Nacht (insel taschenbuch)
Eva Stachniak