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To me, reading is my passion.

I travel through words and stories, live in the past of great centuries, get disturbed by characters who need my attention and fall in love adventures I wish I had.


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Ich liebe das Lesen. Ich finde es immer so toll, in Welten einzutauchen, die man nicht kennt, die man entdecken möchte. Dieses Gefühl in etwas vertieft zu sein oder das Gefühl nicht mehr aus dieser Welt hinauszugehen. 

Mit einem guten Buch ist man nie allein *.*

Better than the 1st one!

Die Tribute von Panem: Gefährliche Liebe  - Sylke Hachmeister, Peter Klöss, Suzanne  Collins


I just can say, that the second book of the Hunger Games is more exciting and much more interesting in romance and love. The story is so great, because Katniss has to fight against the capitol. President Snow can kill Katniss' beloved family and friends, if she doesn't try to calm down the people in each district.

But she can't.

Every 25 years the Hunger Games are becoming a big deal! No one knows how the rules for this year are - the victors of the Hunger Games have to fight against each other. So Katniss and Peeta are going into the Games again!

It's a fight between victors. There's no friendship in every of them - not in the games.


I love the second book of this fantastic trilogy!!! In every way better than the first one. And I hope, that Gale and Katniss can find a way to be together in love! From both sides, of course. And I hope, that the book will be filmed *.*


I can't wait!

Ich lese gerade

Emily Brontë
Die Zarin der Nacht (insel taschenbuch)
Eva Stachniak