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Ich liebe das Lesen. Ich finde es immer so toll, in Welten einzutauchen, die man nicht kennt, die man entdecken möchte. Dieses Gefühl in etwas vertieft zu sein oder das Gefühl nicht mehr aus dieser Welt hinauszugehen. 

Mit einem guten Buch ist man nie allein *.*

The final of The Hunger Games

Die Tribute von Panem: Flammender Zorn (Die Tribute von Panem, #3) - Suzanne  Collins, Hanna Hörl, Peter Klöss, Sylke Hachmeister

I started reading the last book of the trilogy and I expected a lot. I truly hoped, that Katniss is going to choos Gale at the end. But my hopes were wrong. 

The third book isn't that bad, but I don't like Katniss very much. A worse surprise was, that Peeta wasn't Peeta anymore. He was strange, not friendly but angry. I don't like Peeta very much as well. Gale is the man who belongs to Katniss. It's sad, that he will go to another district and lives a better life- without Katniss. 

But I have to say, that the book is well written und the story exciting. I couldn't stop reading - that's good.


Those wo hadn't read the book yet I wish you a lot of fun. Enjoy the final of the capitol and President Snow.


I can't wait to watch the movie <3

Ich lese gerade

Emily Brontë
Die Zarin der Nacht (insel taschenbuch)
Eva Stachniak